Michael Bradford

Composition, Arranging, Performance


Michael Bradford is a multi-platinum producer and songwriter, having produced work for a wildly diverse group of artists, including pop (Anita Baker, Ben Folds, Madonna), (Deep Purple, Stevie Nicks), Country (Travis Tritt, John Mellencamp), Underground (Butthole Surfers, Mindless Self-Indulgence), Hip-Hop (Run-DMC, Kid Rock) and Dance (Pure Sugar, Liz Primo). Michael’s songwriting catalog includes several hits for Uncle Kracker, including his global smash “Follow Me”, which Michael also co-produced.


Michael Bradford has had a long career in programming and sound design. Long before the current vogue, Michael has been involved in synthesizer development, programming & sound design and electronic composition since the 1980s, including a 20-plus year association with legendary composer and arranger Paul Buckmaster (12 Monkeys). An advocate of analog synths, Michael Bradford maintains close relationships with Moog Music, as well as Korg, Clavia and many others. Michael's modular synth world includes a hybrid of Eurorack and MU synths.

This is a TRIDENT 24 Analog Console, ca 1974. Originally manufactured in London, England, it has been modified in California by Steve Firlotte, of Inward Connections / Tree Audio. It is the heart of the Studio here at CSM, where it interfaces with Drums, Guitars, Modular Synthesizers and Pro Tools version 12.5 Bolstered by a host of outboard gear and custom items, it is an essential tool in sound sculpting and audio mixing.

Control Room, Chunky Style Music

Production Clients include:

Ben Folds - Beth Hart - Kid Rock - Dave Stewart - Deep Purple

Uncle Kracker - Jem - Stevie Nicks - Run-DMC - hed (P.E.)

Anita Baker - Terence Trent D’arby - New Radicals

Analog Recording is considered by some to be a lost art, but we feel that it is a vital and powerful medium for recording and playback. Many of our clients agree, and choose Chunky Style Music for this expertise.

Live Performance

Michael Bradford is an in-demand musician for live performance. Specializing in electric and acoustic bass, Michael has often been seen playing guitar, drums and keyboards as well. In his role as Music Director, Bradford has been the right-hand man for artists ranging from Richie Sambora to Dave Stewart, and from Uncle Kracker to Kid Rock.
Michael’s debut album as a recording artist, “THE LONG NIGHT” was critically acclaimed, with Paul Zollo of American Songwriter Magazine coining a new term to describe it: “Funk Noir”. Michael himself described it as “the missing link between Massive Attack and Pink Floyd”. Guest Artists include Jem, Big B and Liz Primo.

No One But Myself To Blame [Video] - Michael Bradford feat Liz Primo

From The Album "The Long Night" (Varese Sarabande / Universal)

It's Happening [Video] - Michael Bradford feat. Jem

From the album "The Long Night" (Varese Sarabande / Universal)